34 Habesha Memes That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Cringe

Habesha memes are just as corny but lovable as you’d imagine.

2. On your “cousins”:

3. On the perfect Habesha girl trap:

4. On the things your parents say when they have guests over:

5. On the ferenge sow who are obsessed with your culture:


8. On Facebook friend requests:

9. On trying to use your fridge:

10. On Christmas morning:

11. And your parents on Halloween:

13. On the sacred jebena:

14. On packing for a visit home:

15. On the dread upon realizing you left your door open:

16. On your dad’s response to American gestures of love:

17. On your aunty’s ability to spot *any* weight gain/loss:

18. On the iconic Beyoncé performance from the Millenium Celebration that people are STILL talking about:

19. On the aunties who get all their info from doctors on daytime television:

23. On your house, anytime there’s a party:

24. On the primary job of Habesha moms:

26. On “family trees”:

27. On accepting money from your aunty:

28. On texting Habesha girls:

29. On greetings:

30. On the power of the gursha:

31. On your average barbecue:

32. On the embarrassment of catching one of your cousins trying to pull this:

34. And the awkward moment when your parents catch wind of any memes:

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