CNN Anchor Suggests Using Water Cannons On Ferguson Protestors

Her co-anchor Errol Barnett’s side-eye is subtle, but piercing.

1. In a segment about clashes between police and protesters in Ferguson Monday night, CNN International anchor Rosemary Church asks: “Why not, perhaps, use water cannons?”

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2. And her co-anchor Errol Barnett’s response:

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3. “Wait, what….?”

CNN / Via
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4. “Did that just happen?”

CNN / Via
ID: 3624980

5. “Is this real life?”

CNN / Via
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6. Twitter users were swift in reminding Church about the history of using water cannons to quell civil rights protesters in America:

ID: 3625220

I just wanted you to see what a water cannon was. Perhaps you would like to be in front of one yourself. @rosemaryCNN

— Smurfette (@Jordy2_Shorty)
ID: 3625138

She said why not use a 'water cannon' like they were having a Super Soaker war. You mean this @rosemaryCNN?

— Deola (@DeolaCola)
ID: 3625154

.@rosemaryCNN this is why they dont use a water cannon RT @CarelessRichy: "Why not perhaps use a water cannon?" @CNN

— B. Touch (@btouch)
ID: 3625140

10. H/T: Joseph Solis’ Vine

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