18 Babies Who Are Silently Judging You

Babies have perfected the art of the side-eye. And the art of silent but deadly judgment.

1. “Are you f*ing kidding me?? You ate all the Goldfish?!”

ID: 1000536

2. “Checking your email AGAIN???”

ID: 1000522

3. “Really?! You’re putting on your bikini because I’m playing in the kiddie pool?? Really?”

ID: 1000223

4. “I’m going to need you to get your life together.”

ID: 1000347

5. “Um, can you chill with the baby talk? But like really though. Stop.”

ID: 1000220

6. “Are you serious right now? Is this real life? What do you mean you forgot to pick up diapers??”

ID: 1000881

7. “Ugh, I just can’t with you right now. I cannot.”

ID: 1000315

8. “So what you’re saying is, this is a playdate for you.”

ID: 1000693

9. “Can you NOT post a pic of me every five seconds? I think everyone on Facebook would appreciate it…”

ID: 1000585

10. “Look, I get that you’re ‘juicing’ but this crap tastes worse than that baby food you tried to give me.”

ID: 1000557

11. “Is that what you’re wearing?”

ID: 1000415

12. “Don’t think I don’t see what you’re up to. I see you.”

ID: 1000867

13. “No, really, I can’t WAIT to go to Grandma’s. Seriously.”

ID: 1000863

14. “Say whaaaaaaaaa?!? That’s not what I heard….”

ID: 1003122

15. “Ugh, you’re so tacky.”

ID: 1000865

16. “Hahahahaha….GTFO”

ID: 1007697

17. “I’m Sandra Bullock’s baby and I am forever judging you.”

ID: 1000248

18. “Hey so, um, can you NOT copy my entire existence? I’m tired of everyone saying we’re long lost twins.”

ID: 1000561

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