26 Adorable Letters To Santa

When you believe in Santa, writing the perfect letter is very important business. These kids take it to the next level.

1. The kid who is concerned about Santa’s diabetes.

“Dear Santa, please get me some things on my list. And there is some fruit salad & water to help your type 2 diabetes. “

ID: 763642

2. The muslim 4th grader.

ID: 763651

3. The kid who wants McDonalds for his community.

ID: 766550

4. The kid who really likes turtles.

Zombie Kid’s sister?

ID: 763738

5. The kid who will smooth talk his way through life.

“Dear Santa,

I like you. Do you like me? I would like a DS Mario please. Next year I will give you money. How does that sound? Pretty cool. It does to me. That’s the deal.”

ID: 763757

6. The philanthropist.

“We don’t need very many presents. You can give them to people who don’t have money to buy toys.”

ID: 763705

7. The kid who just wants to see Santa’s face.

ID: 765344

8. The kid who is totally not joking about the cookies!

Also, a real shield but a fake sword but real armor. Got it, Santa?

ID: 765209

9. The kid who believes in Christmas magic.

ID: 766710

10. The kid who just wants pizza.

ID: 763794

11. The future contract lawyer.

Also, crucial detail, Santa, the money goes in the card.

ID: 765235

12. The kid who bullies Santa.

“Dear Santa,

I want you to know that I want a puppy and you are not alive, you are fat and stupid.

Sincerely me.”

ID: 763733

13. The kid who just wants a couple of small toys and a means of transportation.

“A small plane I could ride in.” You know, nothing too fancy. Just to get around.

ID: 765260

14. The Jewish kid who believes

“Dear Santa,

I believe in you more than Hanukkah.”

ID: 765288

15. The kid who wants a baby Jesus.

But not a real one!

ID: 765298

16. The kid who couldn’t be good the whole vacation.

At least she’s honest.

ID: 766122

17. The kid whose sister coincidentally wants all of the same things.

ID: 766253

18. The Jewish girl who just wants Santa to draw his face.

ID: 766745

19. The kid who wants diapers for her brother.

You would add diapers to your christmas list too if that happened to you!

ID: 766269

20. The kid who wants privacy.

Don’t be rude, Santa.

ID: 765163

21. The kid with the worst dad.

ID: 765322

22. The kid with Republican parents.

“Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is peace and a Job for my daddy. I am a big boy and I do not want any toys. Mommy said you will not be coming to my house this year because Obama got elected again.”

ID: 765689

23. The kid who wants to know if Santa is a popsicle.

ID: 768155

24. The kid who is curious about how Santa eats his buffalo wings.

“You know on the Domino’s Pizza ad for buffalo wings? How do you eat these without staining your gloves?”

ID: 766679

25. The kid who has the answer to gun control.

ID: 765945

26. And this final touching letter.

ID: 768102

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