Topless Protestors Storm Paris Fashion Show Runway [Updated]

FEMEN protestors crashed the Nina Ricci show. NSFW, obviously.

1. Protestors from the Ukrainian feminist group FEMEN crashed Thursday’s Nina Ricci fashion show in Paris.

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2. They stormed the runway topless.

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One protestor had “FASHION DICTATERROR” painted on her body. The other had “MODEL DON’T GO TO BROTHEL.”

5. Security guards quickly pulled them offstage.

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6. It was… slightly awkward.

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7. In May, the same group rushed to the stage during a live taping of Germany’s Next Top Model, where Heidi Klum was hosting.

Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images

8. They’ve also protested a lot of other things.

9. They posted about the whole event on Facebook.

10. And one of the show’s models was not amused.

11. British model Hollie-May Saker, whose runway walk was interrupted by FEMEN’s protestors, tweeted yesterday:

Saker’s Twitter feed is delightfully feisty.

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