14 Random Things You Can Get For Free At Fashion Week

From mini green juice to mini hairspray. And why is everything in a display case?

1. This extremely tiny green juice.

There’s a stand giving out these miniature kale and cucumber juices. Lest you drink more than 4 ounces of kale juice!

ID: 871815

I’ve never seen a cup this small.

Hillary Reinsberg
ID: 871820

2. Makeup from a vending machine.

Maybelline is giving out makeup at Lincoln Center, but just putting the free lipsticks and mini mascaras on a tray would be so boring. So instead they’ve brought in a vending machine, where you press a button and some little surprise item comes out (you don’t get to choose). Only one person can use the vending machine at a time, so there’s a long line.

ID: 871869

3. A lint roller.

Always useful. You don’t want to go to a fashion show covered in cat hair. Unless it’s part of your “look,” which frankly is not outside the realm of possibilities.

ID: 871887

4. A photo of yourself in front of a sign that says “Style.”

You can have your photo taken and get it printed for free. So people will know you have “Style.”

ID: 872033

5. Mini hairspray OR mousse.

Not both! You have to choose one.

ID: 872060

6. A Fiber One bar in a display case.

The ones you can actually take are in a basket. Though the museum display makes them seem very valuable, the woman handing them out is very eager for you to take as many as you want.

ID: 872088

7. A yellow Mercedes with suicide doors.

Everyone gets to take one home! (JK.)

ID: 872122

8. A battery for your Samsung phone.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can swap out your dead battery for a fully charged one inside the Lincoln Center tents. If you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy, there’s a charging station, but good luck finding an open outlet.

ID: 872240

This woman holds the tray of batteries.

ID: 872276

9. The Style section of “The New York Times.”

People would probably just throw away the other sections anyway.

ID: 872283

10. Valentine’s Day cards.

ID: 872417

Also in display cases, of course.

ID: 872462

11. Electronic cigarettes.

They gave these out at the Duckie Brown show.

ID: 872473

12. A mini bottle of purple hairspray.

The mini bottles, which are being handed out at Milk Studios, are perfect for attracting the attention of street style photographers.

ID: 872508

13. A small “cleansing slab.”

Or, as humans would call it: soap!

ID: 872517

14. An endless supply of SmartWater.

Free water bottles are all over the place, environmental concerns be damned.

ID: 872978

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