Meet Tulisa, The "Sexiest Woman In The World"

The British “X-Factor” judge made a sex tape, was in a band called N-Dubz, and has just been named FHM’s “Sexiest Woman In The World.” So… who the hell is she? Allow me to explain.

1. This is Tulisa last night at FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women party. She was crowned The Sexiest.

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2. Her last name is Constalvos, but she usually just goes by Tulisa.

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3. She was the one female singer in the London group called N-Dubz. Here’s their most famous song, “I Need You.”

This is my new favorite lyric ever: “I’ve been searching all over Facebook, and I can’t seem to find you. I need you.”

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4. The other dudes who were in the group are known as Dappy and Fazer.

Dappy (left) is Tulisa’s cousin. Fazer (right) is his childhood friend. They apparently met in karate class. (Note that this photo dates back to a couple of years ago, explaining Tulisa’s hair, etc.)

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5. For a while, Tulisa and Fazer dated!

Not anymore.

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6. Also, N-Dubz broke up.

About a year ago.

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7. Now she’s an X-Factor judge.

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8. She made a sex tape.

Not with Fazer! It was with her ex-boyfriend — some guy known as MC Ultra. She won a court case to make posting or distributing the tape illegal.

ID: 268700

9. She said being named FHM’s Sexiest Woman felt “quite strange.”

ID: 268711

10. Okay, another N-Dubz classic:

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