Kim Kardashian Sucks At Waving

In the following photos, all from the past month, Kim Kardashian reveals she is the worst waver in all the land. From alien fingers, to peace signs, her inability to pull off the simplest of hand gestures is somewhat astonishing.

1. This is a red carpet, not a tourist destination or hippie festival. Peace signs are not necessary.

Araya Diaz / Getty Images
ID: 305451

2. Three fingers! Not much better than two.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images
ID: 305406

3. What is this?

Tim Whitby / Getty Images
ID: 305415

4. Oh, that’s right: ALIEN FINGERS.

ID: 305423

5. Behold the semi-cupped wave. What is she about to pull?

J.B. Lacroix / Getty Images
ID: 305436

6. There you go! A rare WAVE wave.

George Pimentel / Getty Images
ID: 305442

7. But there’s also, the backwards wave.

James Devaney / Getty Images
ID: 305449

8. The ever-present alien fingers.

ID: 305454

9. And inability to wave normally.

ID: 305464

10. But wait! She’s almost got it.

Michael Roman / Getty Images
ID: 305481

11. After all that work: the peace sign.

Evan Agostini / AP

The most annoying celebrity “I don’t know what to do with my hands” mannerism there is.

ID: 305494

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