High School Kids Are Upset That Olympians Get To Wear Jewelry

You can’t wear earrings in gym class, why should you get to wear them in the world’s most grueling athletic events?

You can’t wear jewelry at a high school track meet.

Or to a high school volleyball match.

Not even to gym class.

But in the Olympics, you can wear this?

Ivan Sekretarev / AP

Italian fencer Aldo Montano seen here wearing a huge diamond stud and a large watch.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman has custom-made diamond and sapphire earrings.

Al Bello / Getty Images

U.S. swimmer Missy Franklin wears pearl earrings in the pool.


David Goldman / AP

Valentina Truppa of Italy, who competes in equestrian dressage, wears four earrings.

It really doesn’t make much sense.

What’s the deal, Ms. Flynn?!

It’s #stupid.

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