29 Absolutely Terrible Craft Ideas

Do we really need to DIY things out of lint?

1. Baked potato hamster.

ID: 620006

2. Toilet paper earrings.

ID: 620008

3. Louis Vuitton printed assault rifle.

ID: 619998

4. Leg warmers for a stool.

ID: 620009

5. Another waste of knitting: men’s shorts.

ID: 620034

6. Monkey chair.

ID: 620014

7. Playing card corset.

ID: 620036

8. Under-the-sea-themed cake with live fish.


ID: 620041

9. Tampon gun and bullets.

ID: 620393

10. Tampon ghost.

ID: 620391

11. Heart-shaped tampon earrings.

Instructions are here, not that I condone this.

ID: 620383

12. DIY tampons.

Back to basics.

ID: 620579

13. Paula Dean wine glass decal.

ID: 620464

14. Studded butt pockets.

Sit down and feel the burn!

ID: 620092

15. Carved pumpkin with breasts giving birth.

For legitimately great pumpkin craft ideas, try these instead.

ID: 620103

16. Hand-painted jeans.

Would you call these sperm a “tattoo print”?

ID: 620247

17. Figurines made from clay made from dryer lint.

Just mix with water, flour, and vegetable oil.

ID: 620396

18. Deformed foot cake.

ID: 620418

19. Paper Chanel bag.

Straight from the Paris runways.

ID: 620437

20. Duck foot pumps.

ID: 620432

21. Razor blade soap.

ID: 620482

22. Fake flowers, made from buttons.

And what appear to be coasters.

ID: 620490

23. Unicorn bike with horn and tail.

ID: 620537

24. Deer hoof Christmas ornament.

ID: 620633

25. Fake eyelash necklace.

ID: 620639

26. Fake bird’s nest as scrunchie.

So “Carrie Bradshaw getting married” — but in the worst way.

ID: 620644

27. Preserved orange peel hair floret.

And you were going to throw that out. Silly goose, you!

ID: 620645

28. Handbag lamp.

With FEET!

ID: 620676

29. Lamp made of melted legos.

ID: 620681

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