22 Cool Examples Of Hair Chalking

Chalk isn’t just for sidewalk art anymore. Temporarily coloring hair with the stuff is all the rage in the online hair community.

1. You can chalk your hair, and put it in a braid.

By the way, here’s a good tutorial on how to chalk your hair.

ID: 649383

2. Truly masterful hair chalking leads to the appearance of different colors of yarn woven together.

ID: 649370

8. Multicolored waves are a more subtle alternative.

ID: 652395

11. Or go monochromatic with pink tips.

ID: 652762
ID: 652774

16. Ombre is a more dramatic look.

ID: 652618

18. Or style yourself some blue bangs.

ID: 652389

19. Have short hair? Neon leopard spots aren’t the only way to go but they may be the BEST way to go.

ID: 652594

20. Subtle streaks are a good option for hair chalk virgins.

ID: 653094

22. But what the hell? If you’re going to go for it you may as well go all the way.

You know Christina Aguilera looks at this picture and cries into her pillow.

ID: 653109

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