12 Totally Insane Stories From A New York City Taxi Driver

An anonymous NYC cabbie has been tweeting the things his passengers tell him at @NYCTaxiCabTales. Tales include orgies in Williamsburg and underground nude wrestling in Chinatown. posted on


Dude said; 8 yrs ago was diagnosed w/ long cancer,a gypsy chick told him to inhale horse dung Air daily,he's been inhaling it & he's cured.


2 dudes said;they are dating same chick for 2 yrs,they have never 3 somed,they have both asked chick for engagement, chick is indecisive.


Chick said; new yrs eve went to this Tycoon's house in Oyster Bay,dude made everyone get naked &wash up w/a bottle of Magnum Crystal Rose.


Brazilian chick said; receives customers from craigslist.org" target="_blank">http://t.co/SRG0pyZc">craigslist.org @ night,uses $ for her tuition, chick attends NYU law school.


Couple said;in nyc 2 yrs from Idaho, New Years Eve they are invited to an Orgy party in williamsburg,they are nervous about it.it's 1st time


Couple from Texas said;they are rich-both their sons are gay&out of college-sons are taken off their will, their $ goes to republican party.


Dude said; walking home in Bronx, found a bag full of $100 Bills,look one to bank-was told it was fake,has been using on craigslist chicks.


Couple from Wisconsin said; they are married to other folks back home, they don't want to get divorce, they kinda like cheating for now.


Couple said; wife was dude, got sex change operation in India 2 yrs ago, planning to adapt 2 orphans from Iraq.


Chick said; she was born into gypsy family in Nevada, never went to school, runaway to nyc 11 yrs ago,there are 2 million gypsies in US.


transvestite said;his/her Super rich Chinese lover wants him/her to get sex operation,he/she says NO-after operation he'll be another chick.


Chick said; she's a nude wrestler in an underground club in China town,clients are rich married dudes, makes $ 4,500 Fri, Sat, Sun EVES.

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