12 Tips For Improving Your Sex Life From Dr. Ruth

The 84-year-old sex therapist warns: Don’t be too loud in the bedroom. Because of bats.

1. Don’t travel this Labor Day.

2. Eat walnuts.

3. Sleep with an inmate.

John Lennon's killer allowed conjugal visits. These help maintain prison behavior. Makes sense: frustrated prisoners = trouble

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

If you're having rough time, I suggest a conjugal visit will fix you right up!

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

4. Don’t be too loud in the bedroom. Because of bats.

Did u know flies make noise when having sex. Bats know this & they hone in on them. If u don't want bats in your bedroom, shhh

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

5. Don’t buy from Ikea.

Uh oh, Ikea going into hotel business. By time you build your bed there'll be no time for sex!

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

6. Don’t watch Shark Week.

For those who missed my Tweet of last wk I said Shark Week wasn't good as foreplay as penises don't respond well to shark attacks

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

7. Consider the needs of your partner. For example, don’t let him or her lick bug repellent off you.

If you're afraid of West Nile & use a lot of repellent, shower before sex. Don't want lover licking or kissing toxic skin

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

8. Speaking of bugs, don’t have sex outside.

There are mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile virus. Maybe safer to stay indoors having sex, no?

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

9. She means it.

Yes having sex outside is "green" but just make sure none of that green is poison ivy!

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

10. But if you must…

Those having sex outdoors, no kissing or licking I suppose.

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

11. Kiss, for the people of Uganda.

People in Uganda are urged not to kiss to avoid getting Ebola virus. Good advice but rest of us have to make up kissing deficit

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

12. And be creative!

U can also make up your own events. Like onion ring toss onto an erect penis!

— AskDrRuth (@Dr. Ruth Westheimer)

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