21 Examples Of Bizarre Furniture

Comfort and taste are two main factors when choosing furniture. Both of those are absent from this list.

1. Upright Bed


ID: 76560

2. Furniture Erotica

ID: 76425

3. “White Elephant”

I’m not exactly sure what this is. It’s been described by the designer as a “building inside of a house” and “super furniture”. Ooookay, Jimenez Lai.

ID: 76419

4. This

ID: 76443

5. Octopus Chair

All I can think is “IT’S A TRAP!”

ID: 76436

6. Predator Table

Show everyone your strange dedication to the movie “Predator” with this terrifying table.

ID: 76459

7. Laptop Chair

Soooo, this looks incredibly uncomfortable.

ID: 76451

8. Rifle Lamp

ID: 76476

9. Meat Chair

I’m guessing this belongs to Lady Gaga.

ID: 76439

10. Coffin Couch

I’m guessing you don’t want your friends to ever come over again.

ID: 76453

11. Seat O’Hair

When hair isn’t attached to animals or the human head, it can be a little disarming.

ID: 76511

12. Pencil Chair

ID: 76460

13. Forever Alone bed

Sleeping for one?

ID: 76466

14. Road kill alligator

ID: 76492

15. Butt Chair

ID: 76500

16. Clive Barker inspired chair

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to sit on something that could possibly come alive and swallow me whole.

ID: 76467

18. Animal print anything

ID: 76465

19. Erotic animal print anything

Unless you want everyone to think you’re Quagmire, don’t do it.

ID: 76472

20. Disgusting Chair

Whatever this is supposed to resemble, do not want.

ID: 76509

21. Egg Rug

Wait, no. This may be the best rug in existence.

ID: 76461

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