16 Worst Parts About The Job Hunt

Wasn’t the Internet supposed to make this process easier or something?

1. Creating a résumé that attempts to make you sound impressive.

Does “fourth grade tic-tac-toe champion” go under skills or achievements?

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2. Scrolling through listings for hours at a time only to find nothing.

You should be getting paid for even TRYING to find a job.

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3. Finding the perfect job…and not being qualified.

10+ years experience to be an entry-level administrative assistant? Get out of my face.

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4. Applying to companies with lengthy application processes.


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5. Trying to make contacts at networking events.

“I know I don’t have a business card or a blazer, but I can be good at things sometimes. Please hire me.”

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6. Trying to ask old contacts for help.

“So…I know we haven’t spoken since eighth grade…but I’m fucking broke and OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME.”

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7. Everyone constantly asking you about your employment status.

If I got hired, I would tell you. Ask me about something less depressing, like how my Netflix marathons are going!

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8. Stalking possible future co-workers on LinkedIn.

Wait…they can see I looked at their profile? WHY, INTERNET GODS, WHY?

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9. Considering a return to internships.

And a return to college so you’re even allowed to intern at all.

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10. Waiting to hear back from the 50+ companies you emailed.

At least a simple “nope” response would reinforce my lack of hope.

ID: 1486805

11. Finally landing an interview and scrambling to get ready for it.

The outfit, the flawless answers, the thorough research. Who wouldn’t want to hire someone with a knowledge of your company’s founding date AND a tucked in shirt?

ID: 1486863

12. The interviewer asking everything you didn’t expect.

“Why do I want to work here? Um, well…why don’t you ask me about the color of your website instead?”

ID: 1486878

13. Writing the perfect thank you letter when you get home.

“Thank you for taking the time to interview me today. I hope I impressed you with my sweaty handshake and nervous foot tapping.”

ID: 1486903

14. Waiting to hear back.

Any day now…any…day…now…

ID: 1486916

15. Finding out that someone else got the position.

Thanks, Obama.

ID: 1486931

16. Starting the hunt all over again.

And regretting informing all of your friends and followers of your last interview. But hey, at least you got experience. I guess.

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