The 12 Best Original BuzzFeed Videos Of 2012

BuzzFeed’s video team had a big old year. Here are some of our finest moments.

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ID: 762823

2. We found the word’s angriest babies

ID: 762527

3. We broke down the rules to trading Halloween candy

ID: 762572

4. We restored your faith in humanity

ID: 762537

5. We definitively proved that cats were better than dogs

ID: 762539

6. We came to a consensus about a few things

ID: 762543

7. Over the holidays, we broke down the hidden rules of dining etiquette

ID: 762525

8. We found some real life mermaids

ID: 762651

9. We unearthed the best comments on all of YouTube

ID: 762548

10. We investigated why it’s literally impossible to parent children

ID: 762669

11. We tracked down the best advice-givers in the world

ID: 762555

12. And finally, we solved one of the great problems of modern science

ID: 762607

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