Liberals Try Shooting Guns For The First Time

As you might expect, they weren’t that into it.

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2. We decided to find out what happens when liberals shoot guns for the first time.

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3. Before they entered the shooting range we got a little insight into their thoughts on guns, particularly gun control in America.

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4. Across the board, it seems, they felt we need more gun control.

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5. That being said, there were also some conflicting feelings about the experience.

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6. Mostly, though, they were nervous.

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7. First they shot a beretta handgun. There was a lot of anticipation and the fear was palpable.

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8. The adrenaline was pumping.

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9. Next up was a shotgun.

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10. It was intense!

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11. After both guns, they talked about how powerful they felt while shooting.

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12. Even though, for the most part, they got a rush from the experience, their thoughts on guns hadn’t changed.

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13. Guns are fun in controlled environments, but not so much in reality.

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