The Cast Of The 1994 Film The little Rascals, Then And Now

Do you remember watching the 1994 film The Little Rascals? Well Did you ever wonder what they look like now a days?

1. Travis Tedford also known as Spanky, the president of the “He-Man Woman Haters Club”

ID: 799132

2. Kevin Jamal Woods played the character of Stymie

ID: 799148

3. Sam Saletta also known as Butch, one of the bullies

ID: 799163

4. Brittany Ashton Holmes starred as Darla

ID: 799166

5. Zachary Mabry also known as porky

ID: 799198

6. Blake McIver Ewing played Waldo, the rich boy

ID: 799211

7. Bug Hall starred as Alfalfa, Spanky’s best friend

ID: 799220

8. Ross Bagley as Buckwheat

ID: 799248

9. Jordan Warkol also known as Froggy

ID: 799251

10. Courtland Mead starred as Uh-Huh

ID: 799263

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