HB Billington
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    • HB Billington

      I am an educated Black woman and I am appalled by the constant race baiting in the Chris Brown/Rhianna debate. The fact is, though talented (to some), this young man has not shown remorse for his actions. In fact, he felt he was above the law to such a degree that he co-opted a since resigned police officer/chief (can’t remember right now) to help him and his mother falsify the terms of his community service completion. He trashed a dressing room because Robin Roberts - a highly respected journalist and Black woman - “dared” to ask him about the felony for which he was convicted. And he has consistently whined on his Twitter feed about being maligned by the media when in fact his own behavior supports such condemnation. He feels he is above the law, just as much as Roman Polanski - a white man, lauded by some for some truly unremarkable films (e.g. Repulsion and The Ninth Gate) though a fugitive who drugged and sodomized a 13 year old girl. It was a Black woman, Whoopi Goldberg, who came to Polanski’s defense on “The View.” It was a white man, Nick Nolte, who refused to give him a standing ovation when he won the Oscar for “The Pianist.” It goes both ways sometimes. I’m not saying that the news establishment does not sensationalize instances of Black men committing crimes while down-playing instances when the same crime is committed by a White man. I’m simply saying in the specific instance of Chris Brown, this particular young Black man does not deserve the coddling he seems to be getting from posters here. And no - I haven’t forgotten what Charlie Sheen did to Kelly Preston or continues to do to himself and his “goddesses.” But simply because he is wrong, it doesn’t make Chris Brown right. BTW - this is the first time I’ve ever posted here and am only doing so because I have never been so infuriated on Buzzfeed. Normally I come here to laugh…