23 Signs You Grew Up In The Suburbs

There wasn’t much to do, but you and your friends found ways to deal.

1. You or someone you know lived on a cul-de-sac

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2. You participated in elaborate bike rides and races in the summer

They were almost as competitive as the Tour de France

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3. And elaborate sledding races on snow days in the winter

If you lived somewhere that had snow

ID: 1421468

4. You spent nearly every Friday night at the mall

ID: 1421471

5. Or the movies

ID: 1421472

6. You had an elaborate weekly system for whose mom would drive there and whose would pick up

ID: 1421474

7. One or both of your parents drove a minivan or an SUV

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8. You celebrated your birthday by having dinner with friends at Chili’s, TGI Friday’s, or Friendly’s

And pretended to be embarrassed when they got the waiters to sing to you

ID: 1421480

9. There was nowhere you wanted to go within walking distance of your house

Just more houses

ID: 1421481

10. You went to school with mainly the same group of people until high school graduation

And everyone knew everyone’s business

ID: 1421482

11. You counted down to your 16th birthday for years

You could finally drive YOURSELF to the mall!

ID: 1421485

12. Half the kids you went to school with got cars for their sweet sixteen

Most of them were way too nice for 16-year-olds to be driving

ID: 1421490

13. You spent a lot of time hanging around in parking lots

School, 7-11, McDonald’s, etc.

ID: 1421500

14. Or just driving around aimlessly with your friends

ID: 1421506

15. Everyone went to the same late night diner

It was one of the only places open past 10pm

ID: 1421512

16. Abercrombie and Hollister might as well have been your school uniform

ID: 1421520

17. You absolutely couldn’t go to school without stopping at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts beforehand

Even if it meant you were late for homeroom

ID: 1421535

18. You went to the football game every Friday night

Even if your school’s team sucked

ID: 1421555

19. If you went to college out-of-state, when people asked where you were from you’d just say the nearest big city

Always awkward when you met someone who was actually from that city

ID: 1421564

20. Going to a Dave Matthews concert is like going to a high school reunion

ID: 1421566

21. Public transportation still sometimes mystifies you


ID: 1421568

22. You complained for years about your boring town

ID: 1421573

23. But looking back, you had a pretty good time

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