Top 15: Twitter Fucks Up Andy Griffith’s Name

Many Twitter users offered their half-assed condolences and tributes to the late Andy Griffith today.

1. 15: Griffin or Griffith?

Hey, at least she asked.

ID: 411395

2. 14: “oh shit…”

“Oh shit” indeed.

ID: 411396

3. 13: “Rip Andie Griffin”

#1 Fan.

ID: 411397

4. 12: “Andy Griffin” and “Wholesome Living”

You know, that sounds a lot like Andy Griffith’s show.

Coincidentally, he also died today.

ID: 411400

5. 11: “Andy Griffin”… #legend

Legends never die.

ID: 411402

6. 10: “Rats! Andy Griffiths died…”

Rats! You spelled his fucking name wrong, too.

ID: 411398

7. 09: Matlock = “Griffin”?


ID: 411403

8. 08: “Andy Griffin… one of the realist…”

“Griffin” knew how to keep it real, one must admit.

ID: 411404

9. 07: “… out of respect.”

Or just be respectful by spelling his name correctly.

ID: 411405

10. 06: Andy Griffin’s Hood

Andy Griffin: the racist from a little hood called Mayberry.

ID: 411410

11. 05: “I ain’t no Andy Griffin died”

I’m not deciphering this for you.

ID: 411412

12. 04: “Shout out to andy griffin..”

But he can’t read your shout-out, most likely because he’s dead.

ID: 411413

13. 03: “That was my boy.”

As he said, so sad.

ID: 411414

14. 02: Andy… Griffis???

……………… … . .

ID: 411394

15. 01: FOX5 Atlanta reports “Andy Griffin dead at 86”

Leave it to a FOX News affiliate…

ID: 411415

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