20 Pug New Year’s Resolutions

What are mine? I’ll try not to pee on people at the dog run this year. With apologies to my victims, here are my goals for 2013.

1. Eat More Steak & Carrots

ID: 781794

2. Send Greeting Cards On Time

ID: 781797

3. Spend Less Time in Backpacks

ID: 781800

4. Read More Books

ID: 781802

5. Stop Peeing on People at The Dogrun

ID: 781812

6. Do Less Shopping

ID: 781813

7. Stop Procrastinating

ID: 781814

8. Spend More Time in the Car

ID: 781817

9. Spend More Time with the Family

ID: 781821

10. Less Food On My Face, More in My Belly

ID: 781822

11. Be More Romantic

ID: 781826

12. Do Laundry More Often

ID: 781828

13. See The Book of Mormon (finally!)

ID: 781831

14. Do More Sightseeing

ID: 781835

15. Make Time for a Beach Vacation

ID: 781837

16. Invest in Pork Belly Futures (Bacon!)

ID: 781840

17. Get Plenty of Sleep

ID: 781842

18. Visit Uncle Regis

ID: 781843

19. Buy New Glasses

ID: 781844

20. Post More Often on Buzzfeed

ID: 781846

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