16 Pug Tips For The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Itching to get out of town? Follow this adorable pug’s advice and you are bound to have a barkin’ good time.

1. Get A Window Seat On the Train


2. Be Sure to Pose With The Local Statues

3. Jump On the Hotel Bed

(I Know. I’m Not That Good at Hiding)

5. Order Tons of Room Service


6. Remember to Fill the Ice Bucket

7. Get An Extra Fluffy Pillow

8. Remember To Smile a Lot. A LOT.

9. Spend Some Quiet Time By The Water


10. Don’t Forget Your Fishing Rod

12. Hang Out On Main Street

13. Eat Brunch Outside

14. Make Sure You Buy Tickets When It Is Time To Go Home


15. Try Sitting in a Cozy Carrier

16. Don’t Rush Home From Grand Central Station

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