13 Things Only Perpetually Cold People Will Understand

It’s a cold world but your hands are colder.

1. Forget texting back—your fingers are too frozen for your phone to even sense them.

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Modern technology forgot people like you.

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2. You’ve come to accept that no matter how many layers you wear, wind and winter will always find their way in.

Every day is a polar vortex.

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3. You drink coffee not only for the flavor and caffeine, but also just to hold something warm.

Who needs those little heat-blocking cardboard sleeves?

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4. The biggest disadvantage to being single is not having a hand to hold for warmth.

And I love you for your body heat.

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5. There is no weather that is not pants weather. Bring it on, July.

But actually we should keep them on.

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6. You have at some point taken a nap for the sole purpose of restoring your body heat via blankets.

It’s cause she’s wearing a tank top.
Those things were not designed for insulation.

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7. You won’t consider skiing, snowboarding, or any other winter activity unless you have those heat pack things strapped to you like body armor.

It’s hazardous to your health.

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8. You live in sweatshirts. Hell, you sleep in sweatshirts. And socks.

ID: 2365328

Casual bedtime uniform.

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9. Alcohol is awesome for two main reasons: 1) lowering inhibitions, and 2) raising temperature. Or at least you feel warmer. Sometimes. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Or four.

ID: 2365337

10. It could literally be 80 degrees and somehow you’d still manage to get the chills.

Princess Pictures / Via heavy.com

…And you weren’t.

ID: 2365355

11. Sometimes you go to the gym just to get your blood circulating in the hopes that you’ll regain feeling in your limbs.

It’s not desperate.
It’s motivational.

ID: 2365443

12. When you’re sitting there shivering and take your temperature to make sure it’s not a fever, the thermometer doesn’t even hit 98.6.

You are an inhuman ice being. Scientific fact.

ID: 2365387

13. Getting out of bed or the shower is even more painful for you than it is for everyone else.

Fox / Via pandawhale.com

It’s a cold, cold world out there.

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Hypothermia forever.

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