The 25 Stages Of Going To Clubs

Hey, we’ve all been there. Here’s what happens when you decide to out for a night on the town.

1. It starts out as a “relaxing” night out with your friends.

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2. You think about it…and decide to rage.

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3. You get ready.

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4. You disagree with your girlfriends on what to wear.

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5. One girl tries to set the rules.

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6. Hop in the ride.

ID: 1442148

7. You get in line and think…

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8. Walk in and fight off the creepers.

ID: 1442193

9. Grab a drink. Or two.

ID: 1442194

10. Hit the dance floor.

ID: 1442197

11. Make it rain.

ID: 1442198

12. You see your guy with another girl.

ID: 1442200

13. You meet some new guys.

ID: 1442202

14. You run to find your girls.

ID: 1442204

15. Success. Dance party is back on.

ID: 1442208

16. Someone crashes your table.

ID: 1442214

17. You don’t care because you found the pole.

ID: 1442215

18. You dance some more.

ID: 1442217

19. You drink some more.

ID: 1442218

20. Someone in the group judges you.

ID: 1442220

21. You randomly start smelling this in the air and leave.

ID: 1442223

22. FOOOOOD!!!

ID: 1442224

23. You rest your eyes.

ID: 1442228

24. You wake up lost.

ID: 1442231

25. But most importantly, you survived!

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