National Grammar Day: Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Caught On Camera

Do grammar mistakes drive you crazy? Do you appreciate a perfectly placed vocabulary word? The Grammarly ( team asked our Facebook fans to capture a photo of exceptional, funny, or awkward writing in honor of National Grammar Day. Here’s what writers are writing in your neighborhood.

Via http://Nancy%20Morin

I hope there’s a line item in their “budget” for spelling lessons!

Via http://Michele%20Lemmon

Carlsbad Caverns gift shop souvenir.

Via http://Tim%20Thompson

Twelveth Street. Twelveth? TWEL-veth. Twel-VETH. That feels funny in my mouth. Twelveth? — Taken in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

Via http://Crystal%20Thomas

Because two is just not enough…

Via http://Anne%20Marsh

Screen shot of a local news program.

Via http://Tasha%20Sabey

And you thought cherry was bad? Try children-flavored liquid medication! (From an ad in the phone book.)

Via http://Lee-Anne%20Lawrance

Outside my local “SOHOOL” - painted by the local council?

Via http://JoAnna%20Belligan%20Lewis

This is one of my son’s math homework problems.

Via http://Neala%20Bhagwansingh

Mean spuds!

Via http://Amy%20Carroll

Not sure if it’s “gluten” or “glutton.” Either way, I’m not ordering it.

Via http://Johanna%20Brown

Get Four (5) Items FREE!

Via http://Emily%20Rohrer

One of at least three identical signs at Earl Warren HS in San Antonio, Texas.

Via http://Alex%20Riggle

Dride apples?

Via http://Catherine%20Fuss

Apostrophes don’t create plurals!

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