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  • Indian Town Overrun By Packs Of Spiders

    The Indian town of Sadiya has been swarmed by deadly spiders that have killed two people, The Times of India reported. The spiders, species unknown, showed up May 8, interrupting residents as they took part in a Hindu festival, said The Times. Residents there fear a fresh onslaught of the “alien” spiders, reported The Hindustan Times. Sadiya resident Purnakanta Buragohain and an unidentified school boy both died after being bitten, reported NewsCore. Local hospitals were overwhelmed by people wounded by spider bites. A team of scientists arrived May 22 to investigate the incident and try to find an antidote, said The Times. More at

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  • Over the Top Pleasure Dens.

    Holy handcuffs, Batman! It seems that seedy three hour love motels have received a serious face lift in Taiwan. The moldy vibrating beds have been replaced by themed fantasy rooms complete with your choice of erotic Batman comic wallpaper or vibrating carousel horses. Sounds fun.

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