Top 6 Outdated Tech References In Pop Music

In order to stay hip, pop stars should reference what’s current. But in the ever-changing world of technology those references become outdated, quick. Take a look at six of the worst offenders of pop songs with dated tech references.

1. “Bug a Boo” - Destiny’s Child

“It’s not hot that you be callin me /
stressin me pagin my beeper”

2. “Download” - Lil’ Kim

“His sense of humor got me writin L-O-L /
I sent pictures of myself straight to tha cell”

3. “New Friend Request” - Gym Class Heroes

“You made it clear you wasn’t just another myspace mistress /
And I didn’t take it personal”

4. “Digital Getdown” - N’Sync

“Digital digital get down just what we need /
We can get together naturally /
We can get together on the digital screen”

5. “LOL Smiley Face” - Trey Songs, Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane

“Shorty sent a twitpic, saying come and get this /
LOL smiley face, LOL smiley face”

6. “Beepers” - Sir Mix-A-Lot

“I’m rollin like a Playboy beep, beep, beep /
Just another page, just another freak”

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