Two Brothers Who Love Each Other More Than Life

They love each other. A lot. Their favorite pastime is discovering new ways to cuddle.

1. Meet Boone & Crockett

“Look how tiny we are!”

ID: 1013059

2. They’re brothers.

“Aren’t we the cutest?!”

ID: 1013069

3. They were litter mates.

“I love you, brother!”

ID: 1013074

4. And they love each other.

“It’s ok brother, it’s just a nightmare.”

ID: 1013079

5. A lot.

“I’ll always be here, brother.”

ID: 1013120

6. They love to snuggle.

“I wish we were Siamese cats, brother, because I never want to be apart from you!”

ID: 1013130

7. Spooning is their favorite.

“I’ll never let anything hurt you, brother.”

ID: 1013139

8. But hugging is great, too.

“Oh brother, you’re my favorite.”

ID: 1013159

9. Sometimes they like to travel in an RV.

“Brother, I can smell the ocean!”

ID: 1013166

10. Or try snuggling with someone else.

“Why won’t you spoon with me, Frank?!”

ID: 1013176

11. But apparently, nothing is better than intimacy with your brother.

“I missed you!”

ID: 1013191

12. They like to snuggle with humans, too.

“I don’t care what we do, as long as we’re together!”

ID: 1013215

13. But they prefer to do so together.

“Ahhh I’m so relaxed right now.”

ID: 1013227

14. They don’t always HAVE to be spooning…

“I even love your feet, brother.”

ID: 1013249

15. …just as long as they’re close.

“Brother, let’s shape our tails into two halves of a heart.”

ID: 1013267

16. Of course, they do like to get into mischief from time to time.

“Look, Ma! We’re aliens!”

ID: 1013287

17. Sometimes they find themselves snuggling alone.

“I can’t see you, brother!”

ID: 1013299

18. But that doesn’t last long.

“Ah, much better.”

ID: 1013307

19. Even when they’re not napping, they always keep tabs on each other.

“This is MY brother.”

ID: 1013318

20. They like to redefine the term “brotherly love.”


ID: 1013335

21. Like, really redefine it.

“…long walks on the beach, cozy evenings by the fire…with my brother.”

ID: 1013343

22. Like, really, REALLY redefine it.

“What, you don’t sleep with your head between your brother’s legs?!”

ID: 1013349

23. But it’s ok.

“He’s my best friend!”

ID: 1013360

24. They’ve been together from the start.

“No one knows me like you do, brother!”

ID: 1013364

25. And they’ll be together ‘til the end.

“I don’t care if we’ve outgrown this bed, brother, I’ll never outgrow you!”

ID: 1013375

26. All together now…

Awwwwwwww!!! <3

ID: 1013381

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