Remembering Brooklyn From “Newsies”

AKA your first crush. We all loved him. Why don’t we remember him?!

1. We all remember this.

No. It didn’t. My heart definitely did not love ‘til now.

2. And this.

Ummmm yes. My answer’s yes.

3. And we definitely remember this.

*waves* Hi, JTT!!!

4. But what about this?!

6. This is Brooklyn.

Mom, can we move to Brooklyn??

7. He was in the 1992 Disney musical Newsies.

Dance, boys, dance!

8. His real name is Gabriel Damon, and his character’s name was actually Spot Conlon. But we all called him Brooklyn, so let’s just stick with that, k?

Well, can Brooklyn stay “here” forever…?

12. He had sass!

Brooklyn, you’re so cute when you sass authority figures in your suspenders!

16. He had a slingshot!


17. It was a musical! So he sang!

Brooklyn, the only thing cuter than you in a hat is you without a hat!

18. And let’s not forget that steely gaze that made us all…


19. Sure, Batman, er, Christian Bale aka: Jack Kelly was the star.

22. And he was amazing.

I’d never laugh in your face, Christian!

23. But let’s be honest. We all waited the entire first half of the movie for this…

Brooklyn, why did you wait so long to show up??

24. So next time you’re feeling nostalgic about this…

16 Magazine / Via

*waves* Hi, JTT!!!

25. Remember the boy that made you look at your paperboy and your grandpa’s suspenders in a whole new light.

I’ll never forget you, Brooklyn!

26. BONUS:

Film Brooklyn aka: Spot Conlon aka: Gabriel Damon with Broadway Brooklyn aka: Spot Conlon aka: Tommy Bracco. Crazy, right?!


Dear child of the 90s, are you ready for this?

I mean really ready for this?

Gabriel Damon is the voice of Littlefoot in 1988’s The Land Before Time!

28. That’s right, that sassy, slingshotting, suspender’d cutie we all loved is Littlefoot!

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