A Beginner’s Guide To Korean Dramas

Here are some things to know if you want to get into Korean Dramas! Warning: they’re incredibly addictive.

1. Watch at least the first few episodes before making up your mind about the show.

Usually the first episode is either really weird or just not very good. It’s mostly just setting up the show. So make it past that, and you will enjoy it so much more!

2. Reading subtitles may take a little getting used to.

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But don’t be discouraged, you will soon become a pro!

3. Expect to see a lot of KPop stars in Korean dramas.

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So if you already love KPop, you can see some of your favorite band members acting!

4. Remember that Korean culture is very different from American culture.

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So don’t expect nudity or excessive PDA.

5. You will get very hungry.

The characters are always eating delicious looking food especially ramen, and it will make your tummy grumble!

6. Prepare to feel all the feels.

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While watching KDramas you can go from laughter to crying in .4 seconds flat.

7. There may even be a bromance

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…that is enough to cause you to sob uncontrollably on the floor for 3+ hours at a time.

8. There’s almost always a second male lead who’s perfect but doesn’t get the girl.

I added this one because this is so common in Korean Dramas that often your heart will break along with the second male lead’s.

9. Get ready to fall in love with all of the cute flower boys~

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I mean, just look at them!

10. So now you want to watch KDramas and you don’t know how. Well you are in luck!

There are a good amount available on Netflix! And if you don’t have Netflix, I recommend making a free account on either DramaFever or Viki! (Both sites work similar to how Hulu works.)

11. Alright I will leave you with this presh GIF of Myungsoo

…so go watch some Korean Dramas and enjoy!

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