The Complete "Zoog Disney" Lineup

Zoog Disney was the best thing on TV, so why don’t people remember it?

From 1998 to 2002, Disney Channel went by a much better name: Zoog Disney. I don’t know about you, but most people I know think I’m insane when I say those words. Am I the only one who remembers the little robot characters that would fly around and tell you what episode of “The Famous Jett Jackson” was coming up next? When I mention this to my friends, it seems that I am. “But they were real!” I exclaim as they ignore my crazed nostalgia and leave me behind to sulk in my old-school-tv ways. In honor of the best Disney Channel era, here is a list of awesomeness that you probably never knew originated during the Zoog Disney days:

ID: 870981

2. The Famous Jett Jackson

ID: 870994

3. Bug Juice

ID: 871001

4. So Weird

ID: 871002

5. In a Heartbeat

ID: 871047

6. Even Stevens

ID: 871003

7. Lizzie McGuire

ID: 871006

8. The Proud Family

ID: 870996

9. Brink!

ID: 871007

10. Halloweentown

ID: 871008

11. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

ID: 871019

12. The Thirteenth Year

ID: 871021

13. Smart House

Who didn’t want to marry Ryan Merriman and live in his super awesome house?

ID: 871023

14. Johnny Tsunami

ID: 871024

15. Horse Sense

ID: 871033

16. Genius

ID: 871035

17. The Color of Friendship

ID: 871036

18. Alley Cats Strike!

Best. Movie. Ever. Especially if you love cheesy endings and Kaley Cuoco in poodle skirts.

ID: 871039

19. Rip Girls

Also best movie ever

ID: 871040

20. Quints

You know what, let’s just assume that all of these are the best movie ever

ID: 871042

21. Phantom of the Megaplex

Except this one. This one legitimately scared me as a child.

ID: 871044

22. The Ultimate Christmas Present

Who doesn’t love giant elves and a mini Brenda Song?

ID: 871045

23. Zenon: the Zequel

ID: 871046

24. Motocrossed

ID: 871049

25. The Luck of the Irish

ID: 871050

26. Jett Jackson: The Movie

ID: 871052

27. Jumping Ship

ID: 871054

28. And who could forget those Disney Channel Concerts

ID: 871058

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