Imagine An Actual Tiny Nuclear Reactor Wrapped Around Your Wrist

Check out this Nuclear Watch This incredible watch is powered by ~100 quadrillion radioactive hydrogen atoms! But don’t worry, this watch is completely stable (the NRC even approves that it’s 100% safe)! Ee guarantee that over the next 25 years those atoms will help light up your watch by destroying themselves at a rate of 250 million atoms every second! This still leaves the remaining 50 quadrillion atoms to continue working for you! The hour and minute hands have a constant green illumination, as do the dashes which mark each hour. The 12 o’clock dash mark shines bright orange. Now you can always tell exactly what time it is, whether it’s day or night! No longer do you need to worry about using a backlight or having to deal with luminescent paint where the light fades quickly. The glow you’ll see 24/7 is really from the nuclear fission happening inside the watch! Specifications: - Water Resistant 300 ft/100m - Stainless Steel Black - Polycarbonate Case - 14 Nuclear Light Sources - Reliable Safe Atomic Illuminations 24/7 - Complies with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Regulations Check out this Nuclear Watch at

An Amazing Glowing Watch Powered By Real (And 100% Safe) Nuclear Energy That Has A 25 Year Life!

ID: 536655

Infographic showing why this watch is safe.

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