10 Heartwrenching Steps To Breaking Up With A Friend

You might have a bad case of #FOBU right now, but it still needs to be done.

The awful and sad truth is: there comes a time when you have to break up with a close friend.

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Whether it be over a petty fight, or something more serious… There’s no way around it, and it fucking SUCKS.

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But sometimes you simply realize that you’re on different paths, and being friends with one another no longer feels right or organic.

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Here are some tips on how to go about it. Spoiler alert: it won’t be easy.

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1. Give them a slight indication of how you feel.

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2. Make yourself subtly unavailable.

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3. And if you do end up hanging out, maybe bring a few friends along with you, unannounced.

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4. Be careful not to get overly excited when responding to their text messages.

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5. Try to position yourself as the bad guy, this might make it easier for them to leave you.

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6. Discreetly ignore them via social media platforms.

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7. Maybe all of a sudden be extremely busy when they call.

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8. Now comes the absolute worst part, and no you can’t avoid it. At some point, you’re going to have to walk away.

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9. And when they question your absence, you’ll have to come straight out and hit them with your true feelings.

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10. I know, that was ROUGH… But time to turn a new leaf and start making some more friends. You wanted this remember?

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