Signs You Work In News As A Photographer

Im sure anyone that is a news photographer can relate to this.

1. You often see yellow tape and people gathered around.

ID: 1402582

2. Every other day there is a fire to shoot.

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3. They are your best friends when you need information on a story.

ID: 1402566

4. You know how to operate one of these.

ID: 1402579

5. You know what this is

ID: 1402456

6. Majority of your time at work you spend editing your footage.

Notice I have the green juice to keep me alive throughout the day.

ID: 1402904

7. You have a mini heart attack when your editing system crashes because you don’t remember if you saved your work.

ID: 1402189

8. What producers think you can do.

Most times they want you to make miracles happen at the very last minute.

ID: 1402837

9. Yeap, nobody cares about your health and safety! Making deadline is more important.

Believe me I’ve gone days without eating trying to make deadline.

ID: 1402378

10. Meanwhile some of your co-workers disagree.

ID: 1402851

11. You a have bit of a sailor mouth.

ID: 1402299

12. But so does everyone that works in news.

Via Youtube
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13. You sleep with your phone next to you because you are on call and fear you will miss the phone call.

ID: 1402247

14. This is the death of you.You count how many hours of sleep you will be able to get only to have to get up in a couple of hours.If you can get at least five hours of sleep then you had a good night’s rest.

ID: 1402223

15. Of course, only to get called in and look like this.Just your luck right?

ID: 1402574

16. You celebrate holidays with your co-workers because holidays DON’T exist in news. News still happens people while you are enjoying your day off.

ID: 1402284

17. You turn to alcohol to relieve stress from work.

ID: 1402596

18. This is how you feel when you are finally off after working long hours.

ID: 1402633

19. You finally come home and make love to your bed.

ID: 1402799

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