14 Utterly Terrifying Photos Of A Hospital For Dolls

Pediophobes, look away now

1. Reuters photographer Jason Reed visited Sydney’s Doll Hospital recently, and the photos he took will haunt the dreams of anyone with even a passing fear of dolls.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681019

2. Take this image of row upon row of tiny disembodied blue eyes staring out from their little foam nests…

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681021

3. ..or this pile of soiled, discarded limbs…

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681022

4. …or this pile of body parts just lying in the trash…

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681029

5. …or these eyes sitting next to some ominously-placed pliers.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681024

6. Sydney’s Doll Hospital opened in 1913, and has restored millions of dolls, teddy bears and other toys throughout its long history.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681132

7. Their experienced team of doll restorers do whatever’s needed to restore dolls to their former glory…

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681027

8. …whether that’s dunking their heads into pots of boiling water…

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681033

9. …prodding their eyes back into their grubby sockets…

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681136

10. …or dangling their tiny little detached hands in mid-air…

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681026

11. …just leaving them hanging there…

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681128

12. …or putting this baby in the corner. No-one puts baby in the corner.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681035

13. “Laura Palmer. She’s dead. Wrapped in plastic.”

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 3681138

14. The doll hospital estimates it has restored three million dolls in its 101-year history.

Jason Reed / Reuters

Although the images from Reed’s collection may look spooky, the hospital prides itself on restoring treasured childhood toys, and says many of its customers weep tears of joy when they see the repairs.

Geoff Chapman, the 67-year-old “surgeon-in-chief” among the hospitals’ 12 surgeons, told Reuters: “We’re one of the last ones that does everything, when it comes to dolls, there’s very few that are capable of that sort of work,”

ID: 3681142

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