The 11 Most Important Photos Of Australia’s New Prime Minister In Speedos

Australia has a new Prime Minister. His name is Tony Abbott and he has an infatuation with bad swim wear.

1. The horizontal striped pair.

ID: 1608274

2. Here Tony dons an understated black pair, whilst dashing from the water

ID: 1608261

3. Here Tony adds a strange hat to his red swim attire

ID: 1608267

4. Sometimes Tony like to have friends around him when wearing trunks

ID: 1608257

5. He just oozes understated confidence in this photo.

ID: 1608278

6. Sometimes Tony likes to add a surfboard to the outfit when wearing his budgie smugglers

ID: 1608286

7. Women are just fawning over his masculinity here.

ID: 1608280

8. These ladies must be thinking they’ve died and gone to heaven

ID: 1608289

9. Sometimes Tony likes to surround himself with an army of speedo wearing kids

ID: 1608293

10. Once a year Tony wears his special blue pair

ID: 1608297

11. Tony gets angry just thinking about not being able to wear speedos

Congratulations Australia, you now have the world’s manliest head of state. Watch Out Putin.

ID: 1608308

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