27 GIFs Depicting Your Love Life (Or Lack There Of)

The only things we were meant to love were food, celebrities and fictional characters but there’s still hope.

1. This is your love life

ID: 1162355

2. Because you spend a lot of time on the internet and obsess over fictional characters

ID: 1162340

3. Which is fine, because you’re probably really interesting to talk to

ID: 1162341

4. But this is how everyone else feels

ID: 1162335

5. So you develop this anti-couple exterior

ID: 1162339

6. But on the inside you really feel like this

ID: 1162361

7. Because when you’re with friends, it’s like

ID: 1162346

8. Which just shoves this little fact in your face

ID: 1162338

9. Problem is, fictional couples have really given you high expectations on “love”

ID: 1162349

10. So you think you should probably

ID: 1162344

11. But you won’t, because everyone deserves to have a made-for-TV relationship

ID: 1162347

12. It just hasn’t happened for you yet

ID: 1162968

13. Which makes you think

ID: 1162403

14. Because

ID: 1162343

15. And the one person you like is largely uninterested

ID: 1162334

16. Or a fictional character

ID: 1162953

17. Or a celebrity

ID: 1162955

18. But, whatever

ID: 1162332

19. Now you’ll just have to resort to more desperate measures

ID: 1162333

20. Plus, at least your fictional relationship with your favorite celebrity is still going strong

ID: 1162410

21. And you’ll always have your computer

ID: 1162337

22. Plus, don’t forget food

ID: 1162441

23. Food will always be there for you

ID: 1162439

24. And you will always be there for food

ID: 1162902

25. So just hold your head up high because

ID: 1162966

26. And you know that

ID: 1162965

27. And one day someone is going to be lucky enough to see it too

ID: 1162967

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