24 Signs You Have The Swagger Of An Eighth Grade Boy

You must be incredibly cool to be on this level of swagness.

1. You wear a rosary as a necklace even though you’re not religious in any way.

ID: 1373997

2. You own about seven snapbacks.

ID: 1374019

3. They’re all Obey.

ID: 1374029

4. Your favorite place to hang out is the mall.

ID: 1374599

5. You need to have your large headphones around your neck at all times.

ID: 1374061

6. So you can listen to Drake.

ID: 1374066

7. You probably own a skateboard.

ID: 1374072

8. Not because you’re any good but because you think it looks cool.

ID: 1374090

9. You own a Bob Marley T-shirt.

and it’s not because you like his music.

ID: 1374114

10. Jordans are the only shoes you wear.

ID: 1374151

11. You really hate Justin Bieber, even though you dress exactly like him.

ID: 1374154

12. You have a Tumblr dedicated to all things swag.

ID: 1374161

13. “This is for all my haters,” has become a regular saying of yours.

They’re jealous of your swag.

ID: 1374821

14. “Your mom” is your favorite diss to your bros.

ID: 1374195

15. When you diss your bro, you and your bro gang go:

ID: 1374217

16. Daniel Tosh is your favorite comedian.

ID: 1374203

17. Your Instagram is full of selfies with you doing pouty faces.

ID: 1374307

18. And one of your selfies has a galaxy filter on it.

ID: 1374265

19. Plus, you never forget to take a weekly shirtless pic.

ID: 1374867

20. You’re the kid who thinks they’re funny when playing Xbox Live.

ID: 1374535

21. You need a belt.

ID: 1374556

22. You yell,”Fuck da police!”, before you do anything bad.

ID: 1374798

23. You started a relationship by quoting the Perks of Being a Wallflower.

ID: 1374841

24. You still say “swag.”

ID: 1374272

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