13 TV Characters Who Escaped The Friendzone

Finally someone escaped the friendzone. Too bad they’re a TV character.

1. Gordo

Was friendzoned by Lizzie Mcguire on Lizzie Mcguire

ID: 1164590

2. J.D.

Was friendzoned by Elliot Reid on Scrubs

ID: 1164578

3. Fry

Was friendzoned by Leela on Futurama

ID: 1164561

4. Sam Weir

Was friendzoned by Cindy on Freaks and Geeks

(didn’t last long because Cindy was boring as hell, and didn’t like The Jerk ????)

ID: 1164612

5. Zack Morris

Was friendzoned by Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell and then again on Saved by the Bell:College Years

ID: 1197889

6. Louis Stevens

Was friendzoned by Tawny Hart on Even Stevens

ID: 1197869

7. Ron Stoppable

Was friendzoned by Kim Possible on Kim Possible

ID: 1198413

8. Tony Micelli

Was friendzoned by Angela Bower on Who’s the Boss

ID: 1164598

9. Steve Urkel

Was friendzoned by Laura Winslow in Family Matters

ID: 1197831

10. Jim Halpert

Was friendzoned by Pam Beesly on The Office

ID: 1164549

11. Chandler Bing

Was friendzoned by Monica Geller on Friends

ID: 1197858

12. George Michael

Was cousinzoned by Maeby Funke on Arrested Development

(in the end they’re not actual cousins they just thought they were when they kissed like 4 times (?) and based on the season 4 trailer it looks like they got together???)

ID: 1198349

13. Kelly Kapoor

Was friendzoned by Ryan Howard from The Office

(this is the closest “girl gets friendzoned” relationship I could find, if you have any others please feel free to comment)

ID: 1198449

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