Drinks Of The ’70s

The best beverages—from Singapore Slings to Tab—of the 1970s.

1. Cold Duck Sparkling Wine Spritzer

3. Tang

5. Celestial Seasonings Tea

6. Boone’s Farm Wine

7. Harvey Wallbanger

8. Tequila Sunrise

9. White Russian

10. Kahlua and Cream

11. Daiquiri

12. Tom Collins

13. Salty Dog

14. Miller High Life

15. Pabst Blue Ribbon

16. Singapore Sling

17. Martini (Shaken, Not Stirred)

18. Snowball

19. Dubonnet

20. Scotch on the Rocks

21. Babycham

22. Blue Nun Wine

23. Country Time Lemonade

24. Teem Soda

26. Orange Crush

28. Nehi Soda

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