15 Tips To Improve Your Day At The Office (With Lil BUB!)

For those of you who didn’t know, Lil BUB consults for BuzzFeed. She’s become a big part of office life…

1. Tip 1: When your coworker goes to the restroom, tape everything on his desk together. This is called “spiderwebbing”…

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2. …and it is hilarious EVERY TIME.

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3. Tip 2: Meetings are the worst. Especially conference calls. Liven them up by making fun of the clients on the other end of the line!

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4. “I like to stick out my tongue and judge them.”

ID: 1150588

5. “Everybody now!”

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6. Tip 3: Cut a hole out of a sheet of paper…

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7. …and secretly place it on a coworker’s head. This is called “donut-heading”…

ID: 1150596

8. It’s funny every time.

ID: 1150595

9. “I am HILARIOUS.”

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10. Tip 4: If you’re willing to take a bit of a risk, you can get maximum laughs by loosening the bolts on your boss’s chair.

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11. “Success!”

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12. Tip 5: When your coworker brings a burrito in for lunch, knock it off his desk when he’s not looking!

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13. This is called “burritoing” and it is AMAZING.

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14. Tip 6: Change the settings on your coworker’s computer so everything’s in German!

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15. Tip 7: Put a straw in a ketchup packet and place it in a can of soda.

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16. Find your dumbest coworker and offer it to her…

ID: 1150612


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18. Tip 8: Put Cheetos in the office pepper grinder. This isn’t a prank — it’s just awesome.

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19. Tip 9: Every “O’Clock” is “Booze O’Clock”!

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20. Tip 10: Leave a hilarious message on the office fridge for your colleagues to find.

ID: 1150618

21. “Get it???”

ID: 1150617

22. Tip 11: Like I said, every “O’Clock” is “Booze O’Clock”!

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23. Tip 12: Remember to schedule a meeting every day with Mr. Sandman.

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25. Tip 13: But if you catch someone else napping, take the opportunity to shame them by drawing a cat on their face.

ID: 1150634

26. “Who, me???”

ID: 1152287

27. Tip 14: Put up a message saying that the office copier is now “voice activated.”

ID: 1150622

28. Everyone will fall for it.

ID: 1150620

30. “Who, me???”

ID: 1150623

32. Tip 14: Pour salt in your coworker’s afternoon cup of coffee.

ID: 1150631

33. Try not to laugh as you watch them take a sip…

ID: 1150633

34. Now you can laugh!!!

ID: 1150635

35. Tip 15: All that laughing can be pretty exhausting, so be sure to have a comfortable box on your desk where you can relax.

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41. Quitting time! At the end of the shift, everyone will thank you for helping them get through another tough day.

ID: 1150637

42. They can’t stay mad at you for long. You’re way too cute.

ID: 1150636

43. “Thanks BUB!!! We love you!”

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All photos by Macey J. Foronda.

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