15 Things That Will Annoy You If You Are A Music Nerd


1. People who don’t know that Morrissey was in Depeche Mode.

2. People who misquote Oasis.

3. People who don’t even know who Catherine Wheel is.

4. People who don’t know that 311’s “Lovesong” is actually a cover of a Perfect Circle song.

5. People who don’t realize that Mogwai is an all-instrumental band.

6. People who don’t even know the title of Marcy Playground’s most famous song.

7. People who don’t even know that Modern England is a band.

8. People who buy crappy albums based on what a “respected English rock journalist” thinks.

9. People who get Linkin Park lyrics subtly wrong.

10. People who get The Edge’s nickname wrong.

11. People who type in all caps.

12. People who confuse The Screaming Trees with AFI.

13. People who like Sixpence None The Richer.

14. People who don’t know “With Arms Wide Open” is a Soundgarden song.

15. And “classic punk” fans who don’t respect the awesome power of Celine.

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