25 Perfectly Timed Cat Photos

With a lot of patience and a bit of luck, anyone with a camera can catch a cat’s true nature. Here are 25 times that’s happened in a particularly exceptional fashion.

1. The Outstretched Paw

An offer of peace, or a promise of annihilation? It’s impossible to tell, but it’s probably the latter, knowing cats and all.

ID: 765606

2. The Impending Doom

On the bright side, Death by Kitten is consistently voted as the #1 preferred mode of demise by those polled.

ID: 765624

3. The Magician’s Apprentice

This move’s a tough one because it requires a human partner who is both cool and magical — a combination that is sadly in short supply in this degraded era.

ID: 765628

4. The Copycat

Earnest, heartfelt imitation only for this one — none of your holier-than-thou feline mockery.

ID: 765632

5. The Surprise Kiss

More of a surprise lick, actually, which is both harder to pull off and vastly more unpleasant.

ID: 765637

6. The Sheer Malice

This requires a patient photographer and a cat who is primarily motivated by pure evil. It’s a far more common combination than you might expect.

ID: 765642

7. The Face of the Campaign

In case you’ve ever wondered who the mysterious marketing geniuses are behind Meow Mix.

ID: 765646

8. The One-Two Punch

It’s easy enough to photograph a cat punching a Pomeranian — happens every day — but the expression of pure outrage is the real payoff here.

ID: 765660

9. The Accidentally on Purpose

All you need for this is a cat and a very expensive vase, and you can just sit back and let nature do the rest.

ID: 765665

10. This Guy

ID: 766032

11. No, seriously. This guy.

ID: 765681

12. The Levitating Couch Potato

It takes a true master of being a cat to fly backwards through the air and yet still somehow look lazy.

ID: 765687

13. The Double Lick

This particular Double Lick is a bit of a cheat, as both of these cats have unusually tasty noses.

ID: 765732

14. The Bodyguard

Just throw on “I Will Always Love You,” get out your camera, and your cat will almost certainly handle the rest.

ID: 765920

15. The “Here Comes the Airplane”

Protip: Cats don’t give a damn about “here comes the airplane” any more than babies do, but if you put cream in a spoon, they will lick that spoon whether you tell ‘em it’s an airplane or not.

ID: 765927

16. The Cat Beard

Protip: Way easier than actually taking the time to grow a real cat beard is just getting your cat to look up at your glasses at exactly the right time.

ID: 765934

17. The True Lovers

When cats touch their butts together and make a heart with their tails, it’s actually a form of love that is so far beyond our own meager capacity for emotional attachment that it’s essentially beyond our comprehension. Looks nice, though.

ID: 765941

18. The Extra-Long Cat

This one’s super easy: You just need an old desk and one really, really surprisingly long cat.

ID: 766013

19. The Unpleasant Surprise

Ten times out of ten, The Unpleasant Surprise is 100% deserved, and is actually just a form of cosmic justice.

ID: 766401

20. Baby You’re a Firework

Most rocket-propelled cats can pull this one off for you if you ask them nicely.

ID: 766028

21. The Reckless Driver

This one can be a little dangerous, and you should definitely practice it in the driveway before going onto the highway to get the shot you need.

ID: 766036

22. The Complete Idiot


ID: 766042

23. The Victory Dance

Even smallish victories, like upending the litter box, or chewing through someone’s shoelaces, can bring this about — so have your camera ready at all times.

ID: 766047

24. The Weight Watchers

This one’s almost impossible to get because it’s really hard to find a cat who is conscious about his or her weight.

ID: 766050

25. The “You Think I’m Just a Normal Cat But I DO A CRAZY DANCE WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING”

Best of the bunch right here.

ID: 766192

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