50 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

A very few absolutely essential pictures that you probably need to look at if you want to be a complete person.

1. A corgi bringing joy to an elderly man she just met.

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2. A meerkat and a dog who are totally comfortable with their friendship and frankly wondering why you are looking at them like that.

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3. A kitten animatedly explaining her opinions to a disinterested rabbit.

ID: 1273665

4. A rare snowcat general surveying her territory and weeping “because there are no more worlds to conquer.”

ID: 1273666

5. Britain’s smuggest owl.

ID: 1273667

6. A big dog carrying a little dog in a basket like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

ID: 1273669

7. A seal in the act of saying, “Who, me?”

ID: 1273670

8. An orphaned pony whose best friend is a teddy bear named Button.

ID: 1273671

9. A very serious rabbit wearing bunny slippers.

ID: 1274428

10. A dog who is taking a “sick day” to spend more time with his penguin.

ID: 1274431

11. A protective dog spooning with a baby.

ID: 1274432

12. A baby bear giving a suspicious dog a kiss.

ID: 1274502

13. And a giraffe reaching over a fence to tell a secret.

ID: 1274503

14. A rabbit who is surprised to find that he is in love with a puppy.

ID: 1274504

15. Two geese and a dog having a business meeting.

ID: 1274505

16. A cat who is having the best day ever.

ID: 1274506

17. And a cat who has just taken a massive leap forward in relaxation innovation.

ID: 1274509

18. A Great Dane who is friends with a fawn.

ID: 1274510

19. And a kitten who is friends with a fawn.

ID: 1274554

20. A Frenchie stampede!

ID: 1274511

21. Two grown-up horses who are having a business meeting with a young entrepreneur.

ID: 1274512

22. The happiest Siberian husky couple on the planet.

ID: 1274514

23. A lemur who has discovered the wondrousness of cupcakes for the first time.

ID: 1274520

24. Two dogs who put aside their differences to pose for the camera.

ID: 1274521

25. This puppy in a onesie.

ID: 1274522

26. THIS puppy in a onesie.

ID: 1274540

27. And this puppy in a onesie with duck slippers.

ID: 1274562

28. The luckiest girl in the world taking a bath in puppies.

ID: 1274523

29. A kitten expressing surprise at the size of a lady’s hand.

ID: 1274524

30. A husky dinner party that’s gone on until the wee hours of the morning.

ID: 1274526

31. Two friends sharing equal credit for capturing a stick.

ID: 1274527

32. The cutest kitten in the whole wide world.

ID: 1274528

33. A cynical tiger, reluctantly accepting a kiss.

ID: 1274529

34. A momma hippo “booping” a baby.

ID: 1274531

35. A cat drinking upside-down from a faucet.

ID: 1274532

36. The happiest bear in the world.

ID: 1274533

37. Two friends who are pilot and co-pilot of a filing drawer.

ID: 1274534

38. Five baby pandas drinking milk out of giant bottles.

ID: 1274535

39. The best, most effective pile of kittens ever.

ID: 1274537

40. One of the world’s most dapper cats on his way to a formal event.

ID: 1274538

41. Twin cats who have discovered a tiny novelty bunk bed.

ID: 1274539

42. A monkey who is having a very happy birthday.

ID: 1274552

43. The extremely rare, perfectly executed “triple hug.”

ID: 1274555

44. Two baby bunnies sharing a kiss.

ID: 1274557

45. A baby saying, “Oh, you!” to a cat.

ID: 1274559

46. A retiring school dog who got into the senior section of the yearbook.

ID: 1274560

47. A puppy who is convinced that she is a 50%-off “Beanie Boo.”

ID: 1274563

48. The happiest toddler in the world hanging out with a philosophical dog.

ID: 1274565

49. A dog who is pleasantly surprised to discover that he has adopted two baby rabbits.

Matt Jones / Via Flickr: mattjoenz
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50. A red panda trying to open a door.

ID: 1274525

51. And these baby geese leaving the nest for the first time.

ID: 1274516

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