21 Ways You Know You Live In A Soap Opera

And live near General Hospital.

1. You’ve come to town to settle a grudge.

ID: 1609144

2. You have had so many last names it’s hard to remember what you go by now.

ID: 1609145

3. The stranger you meet in a bar will become your best friend / love of your life.

ID: 1609146

4. Any time is sexy time.

ID: 1609148

5. Anytime at all. Night or day. Really, whenever. Sexy time is always on.

ID: 1609166

6. You always look amazing in the morning.

ID: 1609149

7. There will always be a tall, strong, handsome man to save you from leches in a bar.

ID: 1609150

8. Someone is your life is always on the brink of death.

ID: 1609151

9. Always.

ID: 1620777

10. The child you knew has suddenly aged 10 years and there is no rational explanation for it.

ID: 1609159

11. Amnesia is like, really common.

ID: 1609161

12. There is always a crazy psycho kidnapping babies running around your city.

ID: 1609163

13. You have three children from three different baby daddies.

ID: 1609168

14. Bitchslapping is very common.

ID: 1609171

15. Everyone surrounding you is crazy too.

ID: 1620627

16. Everybody has a secret.

ID: 1620640

17. Babies are always being switched, or the wrong embryo was implanted, or something.

ID: 1620656

18. All the men wear the same underwear.

ID: 1620798
ID: 1621011

20. There is always a reason to dress in costume.

ID: 1620981

21. And finally…you met James Franco. Even though at the time he just going by Franco. And was also a crazy psycho killer.

ID: 1620993

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