Foursquare’s Most Embarrassing Mayors

Many people keep things to themselves; others find themselves victims of oversharing. This post is about that second group. At least they got badges!

1. The Hairless Mayor

You might consider laser hair removal as a more permanant option.

ID: 151186

2. Mayor of the Dead

Mr. G-Spot soon found that all funeral home mayorships are short-lived.

ID: 151188

3. Mayor of the MegapleXXX

“I find that studying these videos really allow me to get more in touch with myself.”

ID: 151191

4. A Gentleman and a Mayor.

“What? NO! We smoke cigars here. And drink scotch. You know, gentleman-like stuff. Top hats and the lot.”

ID: 151195

5. The Hustlin’ Mayor.


ID: 151201

6. Mayor Barbie

“These old bags? They’re actually the only real things I have left…”

ID: 151205

7. MayorPants

Well played, Jim. Well played.

ID: 151211

8. Mommy Mayor

You know. Just making some plans. About parenthood.

ID: 151220

9. Mayor So Happy!

How is ling ling doing anyway? She’s was always a sweetheart. A real darling.

ID: 151223

10. We are Mayor.

Samuel has been the mayor all along…

ID: 151225

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