25 Animals Caught Snacking

In the animal kingdom, it’s eat or die. Sometimes it’s adorable, sometimes not.

1. Surprised Snacking Koala

thefancy / Via

Mmmm. LeafChips.

2. Snacking Taz

Burrard Lucas / Via

Chill, bro.

3. Snacking Polar Bear

Just a polar bear cooling down with watermelon.

4. Snacking Kangaroo

Burrard Lucas / Via

Gettin’ that roughage.

5. Snacking Wombat

I always wondered what wombats eat. Now I know they eat strings.

6. Snacking Snake

OMGz. I am going to throw up now.

7. Snacking Elephant

I bet you wish you could eat a Christmas tree.

8. Snacking Hippo

DailyMail / Via

Occasionally, hippos eat alligators.

9. Snacking Turtle

I like turtles.

10. Snacking Lion

What must a king do?

11. Snacking Seal

Marine Mammal Center / Via

The seal appears to be satisfied.

12. Snacking Goat

Say hi to your mother for me.

13. Snacking Lizard

*barf* x2

14. Snacking Fox.

Science Photo Library / Via

Chicks, dude. Chicks.

15. Snacking Raccoon

Mac’s Taxidermy / Via


16. Snacking Giraffe

17. Snacking Beluga

The happiest of whales.

18. Snacking Parrot

As it turns out, parrots rarely eat crackers.

19. Snacking Otter

Animals eating Animals / Via

Leisure cruise.

20. Snacking Panda

21. Snacking Lemur

22. Snacking Chipmunk

Too. Much. Snack.
Might. Explode.

23. Snacking Gorilla

24. Snacking Homo Sapien

The homo sapien in his natural habitat.

25. Horrific Snacking Polar Bear

HORROR OF HORRORS! This one’s a canibal. :(

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