10 Things Only Utahns Know

Utah should be its own country.

1. A Stake Center Does Not Serve Steak

Because that would make too much sense

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2. The Correct Pronunciation of Tooele, Juab, and Hurricane

Non-Utahns: Tooele= /Too-ill-ah/ Juab= /Joo-ab/ Hurricane= /Her-u-kun/

I’m sure you guessed them all correctly.

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3. Fry Sauce

This will be located next to the ketchup on the grocery aisle. Ketchup and Mayo creates this magical concoction.

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4. You Can’t Walk Through The Airport Without Running Into a “Welcome Home Elder” Sign

And they are never for you.

ID: 1257162

5. Stick Figures Fill The Entire Back Windshield of Every Mini Van

SO many cats and children.

ID: 1257182

6. The Letters U and Y are Archenemies

Game day is more important than the Superbowl.

ID: 1257193

7. Pie and Beer Day is a State Holiday

Just kidding. We wish… “Pioneer Day” is July 24th. No work is a definite plus!

ID: 1257200

8. “Tend” and “Sluff” Are Commonly Used Words

For you non-Utahns, “tending children” means watching/baby-sitting. “Sluff” means ditching or not attending school. Get with it!

ID: 1257221

9. These Are Typical Children’s Names

We might as well be our own country.

ID: 1257246

10. This Is Our Playground

It’s not all bad.

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