"The Walking Dead" Drinking Game

So you can drink to every gory moment, because Rick would want you to be happy.

Supplies You’ll Need:

• Whiskey or some other hard liquor worthy of a zombie apocalypse
• Cheap beer if you’re on Team Merle or Daryl
• Mixers: For those who like a chaser more than being chased

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The Rules:

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1. When you see the first zombie of the episode, take a sip.

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2. If Daryl aims his crossbow, take two sips.

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3. If Rick says the following at any point, then clink glasses with the person next to you.

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4. If Carl and Beth make flirty eyes at each other, take a shot of whiskey.

ID: 866950

5. If the Governor’s eye patch starts to look stank at any point, drink until it doesn’t.

ID: 866952

6. If anyone kills a zombie with a knife through the head, take a sip in honor of that badass move.

ID: 866958

7. If Merle says something racist, take a shot.

ID: 866964

8. If Merle or Daryl says, “He’s my brother!” at any point, then drink to that.

ID: 866965

9. If anyone says baby Judith’s name, take a sip of mixer (have some respect, she’s a baby).

ID: 866970

10. If any of the gang gets trapped in a small space and are surrounded by zombies, pour yourself a full glass of whiskey.

ID: 866979

11. If this scenario happens at any point, finish everything in your glass and the bottle, for that matter.

ID: 866841

Happy drinking, undead friends!

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